Diesel Fuel Facts

Here are a few Diesel fuel factoids:

  • Diesel fuel, or marked gas oil is dyed green in the  Republic of Ireland  and  Norway .
  • Diesel fuel, and in particular low and ultra low sulfur diesel fuel, has the capability of accumulating a static electrical charge of sufficient energy to cause a fire/explosion in the presence of lower flashpoint products such as gasoline.diesel fuel facts
  • Diesel fuel is cheaper to manufacture than regular gas, it is the tax (both federal and state) that is higher.
  • Diesel fuel is considered safer than petrol in many applications.
  • Diesel fuel is a form of light fuel oil, very similar to  kerosene / paraffin , but diesel engines, especially older or simple designs that lack precision electronic injection systems, can run on a wide variety of other fuels.
  • Diesel fuel can be made from coal or other carbon base using the  Fischer-Tropsch process .
  • Diesel fuel dilution in cold operating conditions can cause waxing.
  • Diesel fuel carries unsaturated aromatic molecules into the motor oil which are pro-oxidants.
  • Diesel fuel for automobiles contains more  sulfur  than home heating oil, and is designed strictly for use in  diesel engines .
  • Diesel fuel in the U.S. is generally much less pure than European diesel, though the transition to ultra-low sulfur diesel (ULSD) which began in 2006.
  • Red diesel fuel is only slightly different chemically from regular automotive diesel fuel, but there can be a significant difference in cost.
  • Burning diesel fuel released almost two times as much visible pollution as vegetable oil does.
  • Although diesel fuel will burn in open air using a  wick , it will not explode and does not release a large amount of flammable vapor.  However, Diesel fuel is less prone due to its lower  vapor pressure , which is an indication of evaporation rate.
  • Diesel fuel often contains higher quantities of  mineral  compounds and  sulfur .
  • Actually, diesel fuel IS easier to auto-ignite than gasoline; that is why the cetane number of US diesel is between 42-47 and pump gasoline is about 15.
  • Automotive diesel fuel is also subject to taxes not levied on home heating oil.
  • Good-quality diesel fuel can be synthesized from  vegetable oil  and alcohol.
  • The cheaper red diesel fuel could conceivably work in place of the more expensive automotive diesel fuel, but that would defeat the purpose of a  fuel tax .
  • The combustion of diesel fuel in a compression ignition engine produces diesel exhaust.
  • While the high price of diesel fuel is eating into some of the economic advantage of buying a new diesel vehicle, the difference is offset by mileage gains of 25 to 40% over comparable gas models.
  • Medium speed diesel engines operate on either diesel fuel or heavy fuel oil by direct injection in the same manner as low speed engines.  The high temperatures inside the cylinder cause the diesel fuel to react with the oxygen in the mix (burn or  oxidize ), heating and expanding the burning mixture in order to convert the thermal/pressure difference into mechanical work; i.e., to move the piston.  Engines using these heavy oils have to start and shut down on standard diesel fuel, as these fuels will not flow through fuel lines at low temperatures.
  • Rebuilding or replacing a gasoline engine will likely cost more than the typical diesel fuel injection system maintenance.
  • Using red diesel for reasons other than home heating is generally considered a  criminal act , since the buyer did not pay the proper tax for regular diesel fuel.

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